Greenwater Aquarist Society


Auction Date:  Sunday, January 19, 2020

Location: Bird Haven Greenhouse and Conservatory, 225 Gougar Road, Joliet, IL 60432

Seup time:  8:30am - 9:00am

Seller Check in:  9:00am - 10:30am

Viewing Starts at 10:30am

Auction Starts at 11:00am

Auction Ends when we have no more items to sell... usually about 5:30 pm.

Open to the Public, you do not have to be a member to buy or sell.  Admission is Free.  Parking is Free.
Aquarium fish, plants, and aquarium related supplies to be sold in an Auction format.

Bidder Information:

Check in at the front table for your bidder number.

This is a TAB auction so a current ID is required - Cash and Checks Accepted.

We will not be selling food, drinks, or snacks at this event.

Happy Bidding!
Steve List, Auction Chair, 815-534-5288

Seller Information:
Split - 75% to the Seller, 25% to Greenwater Aquarist Society
Check in at the front table for your item numbers.  You will have to fill out a seller registration sheet listing your items.  After the auction your check will be mailed to you in two weeks.

Auction Seller Registration Sheet PDF

We have made changes to our item numbering system.  We are no longer using seller letters.  Sellers will be given item numbers and item number stickers when they register.  For pre-registration, you will need to know how many items you are bring rounded up to the nearest 10.

Pre-Register:  Rene Valtierra @

Auction Rules: 

1) You must check in your items between 9:00am - 10:45am. 
2) All items offered for auction by the seller must be related to the Aquarium Hobby.
3) Club Percentages - 75% to the seller and 25% to the Greenwater Aquarist Society.
    Rule 12 requires seller name and contact information.  This is required on all items.
    If this information is missing you will be required to acknowledge that the information is missing and your Seller Split will
    be reduced to 50%.  GWAS check-in volunteers will explain this to you and work with you so you can avoid a reduced split.
4) No Minimum Bids. Bids will be accepted in 1.00 increments.
5) Auction will be using a 10 table system, table one being the First Table to sell, the rest on random draw.
6) Priority item Call up: $2.00 per item or 3/$5. You may pay to bring an item up for immediate sale.
Item limits, bagging your fish for auction and species limits:
7) Item Limits - 30 in total.
8) One Seller Per Household.
9) Species Limit - 5 bags per species variation or color variety, 15 bags per species in total per seller. 
10) Double bagging is requested. If a bag leaks that seller will be charged a $1.00 re-bagging fee.
11) Proper bagging of critters is required to insure their health. If not, that seller will be charged $1.00 re-bagging fee.
12) Labels - Items must have the seller's Name and Contact Information (Phone Number and/or Email Address).
13) Labels - All animals must be identified with scientific or common names, how many fish in the bag, sex if known and if there are pairs and or proven breeding pairs.
14) No felt markers or gel pens allowed on the labels or bags. (use permanent marker or properly attached tag).
15) All Critters must be healthy and disease/illness free. Fish that appear sick or injured will not be sold at auction.
16) Fish should be clearly visible in the bag or container.
17) Hobby related equipment - Seller is required to clearly and accurately state Item's working condition.
18) Any items left behind after the auction will be the property of GWAS.
19) All purchases must be paid for on the day of the auction and all purchases are the responsibility of the buyer.
20) The Club and Auction Chairman reserves the right to turn down any bag for any reason.