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A big "Thank You" to our CLUB VOLUNTEERS who make the Meeting's, Auctions, and SWAPS a Success.

And Finally a big "Thank You" to our COMMERCIAL SPONSORS who help to make our Fund Raising Committee so Successful.

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Park Pet Shop

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Speaker Contributors  2017

Richard Perez - January 2017

  Breeding and Keeping Fishes

Kurt Bihlmayer - February 2017

   Betta Keeping and Varieties

Natalia Podunavac - March 2017

   The CO2 System

Joe Jugovich - April 2017

   Make Your Own Filters

Tim DeRobertis - May 2017

   Filtration and Glass Cutting

Bailin Shaw - September 2017

   Planted Tank Demo

Zach Zollars - October 2017

   Bettas Part 2

Speaker Contributors 2016

John Pallo - Chuck Latham Aquatics

Discussed many products from a variety of Aquarium Product Manufacturers.

Darlene Weisman - presented our September 2016 program discussing the Diversity of Killifish.

Chuck Templeton - presented our July 2016 program introducing us to Elive and discussing product innovation in the pet industry.

Zach Zollars - Aqueos - presented our June 2016 program about breeding and keeping bettas.

Brian Torreano - BTDarters - presented our May 2016 program about Native Fish for the Aquarium... and more!

Gene Anderson - presented our April 2016 program sharing his knowledge and experience breeding and raising fancy swordtails.

Lauren Clark -Seachem - presented our February 2016 program presenting and explaining Seachem Products.

Rick Perez - presented our January 2016 program about Maintaining and Breeding Aquarium Fishes.

Peter Durkin - Supports the Club as a major contributor to our Summer Picnic and Christmas Party.

Supporting Pet Shops 2016

Oak Park Natural Pet & Fish

23 North Harlem Avenue

Oak Park, IL 60302 US

Phone: 708-660-9500

Fax: 708-660-9400



Speaker Contributors 2015

Craig Zehnder and Steve Ehrlich presented a joint program on the importance of excellent water quality and tips on how to accomplish that.

Greg Hitzroth Outreach Specialist of the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant presented the Club's June 2015 talk about preventing the spread of Aquatic Invaders.

Tom Allen presented the Guppyology Talk at the Club's May 2015 meeting and donated some beautiful show guppies.

NBM Aquatics - Matt Schauer presented the KISS Cory talk at the club's April 2015 meeting and donated some rare corys.

Organic Blackworms - John Antolak donated a Food/Feeding talk in February 2015 and is an excellent source for fish foods.

Supporting Pet Shops 2015

Oak Park Pet & Fish

23 N. Harlem, Oak Park, Illinois


Park PetShop

10429 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60655


Patriot Pet Shop

8722 S. Cicero Avenue, Oak Lawn, IL 60453