Greenwater Aquarist Society


More about our September 8, 2017 General Meeting Speaker

Speaker:  Bailin Shaw - Planted Tank Demo

Bailin's presentation will feature the basics of setting up a planted tank including picking the right tank, basic equipment, choosing hardscape, and plants for a low maintenance setup.  The talk with also touch on some basic aquascaping principles as well, which will be incorporated into the demo.

The Chicago Aquatic Plant Society

The Chicago Aquatic Plant Society is a fairly new organization whose purpose is to provide a forum of fellowship for the sharing of our common interest in aquatic gardening, including the cultivation of aquatic plants for personal use or scientific study, to improve understanding of growing techniques, to promote aquatic plants as elements of design in the art of aquascaping, to represent aquatic gardening in the Chicago and surrounding communities and to encourage public interest and involvement in the hobby.

Bailin Shaw Bio:

I'm currently serving as the president of the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society and am an executive member of the Aquatic Aquatic Gardeners  I have been an hobbyist for over 30 years keeping tanks on and off since I was young, but have been involved in the planted tank hobby since 1997.  I was one of the founding members of the Oklahoma Aquarium Association, the Dallas-Fort Worth Aquatic Plant club, and the now defunct New England Aquatic Plant Society.  I work as a scientist when I'm not playing in my fish tanks.