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More about our September 9, 2016 General Meeting Speaker

Speaker:  Darlene Weisman

Darlenes's talk is titled "Diversity of Killifish".

Killifish (Cyprinodontiformes or Egg Laying Toothcarps) are a very diverse family of fish.  Their habitats include most continents and range from rivers, small ponds, temporary pools/ponds/drainage areas, salt marshes, to desert streams.  Maintenance requirements are variable and you can find species that will thrive in your water and home ambient temperatures.  Most killifish are colorful and/or have beautiful extended fins.  Generally they are hardy and are prone to few tropical fish diseases.   Killifish have an enthusiastic following in many countries.   Killifish shows are held in the US and Europe.  I like to believe that there is a killifish for every person interested in keeping fish. 

Darlene is President of the Chicago Killifish Association

Darlene Weisman Biography 

   My first fish were guppies that my cousin gave me, when I was in grade school.   Within a few years I expanded to a few tanks and included other livebearers, catfish, loaches and other common freshwater fish.  Killifish first came into my life in college.  I discovered them in a local pet shop.  I did not pursue learning more about them, until I moved to North Chicago Illinois for a job.  I found a local club in Milwaukee (Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization).  I attended their annual show in November and purchased two pairs of killifish in the auction.  I was hooked at that point and eventually joined the Chicago Killifish Association and the American Killifish Association.   The members and literature from these clubs taught me about killifish maintenance and breeding.  I also developed lifelong friendships and attend meetings, shows and conventions to enjoy my friends as well as the fish.  Currently, I am a member of all there killifish organizations and I am president of the Chicago Killifish Association.  I have about 40 tanks in operation (mostly 2 to 5 gallons).