Greenwater Aquarist Society


More about our May 1, 2015 General Meeting Speaker

Speaker:  Tom Allen

Tom's talk is titled "Guppyology"  which will be a very informative lesson in breeding and exhibiting show guppies.

Tom is Vice-President of the International Fancy Guppy Association

Tom is President of the Guppy Associates of Chicago

Tom Allen has been breeding guppies for 45 years and is pleased to be able to present "GUPPYOLOGY" to the Greenwater Aquarist Society membership.  He is currently the president of Guppy Associates International Chicago, a club devoted to the breeding and exhibition of show guppies.  He is also vice president of the International Fancy Guppy Association which governs and promotes the hobby in the U.S. He is one of 6 Senior IFGA Judges and has authored numerous articles on the keeping and breeding of guppies. 

Tom is always happy to try to convince other hobbyists on the value of breeding his favorite, the guppy.