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More about our October 6, 2017 General Meeting Speaker

Speaker:  Zach Zollars - Aqueos

Zach specializes in breeding and raising bettas.

Zach can be contacted at

Betta Program Part 2: I will be covering many basic aspects of keeping and breeding bettas.  We will be discussing care, proper nutrition, common myths, biggest mistakes, and how to raise fry as well.  I look forward to many questions and hoping to inspire/educate everyone on bettas.  They are a very hardy species that most people glance over with lots of eye rolling from the horror stores they have heard.  Given the right opportunity, bettas can actually be one of the best fish to keep.  Just about everyone has a story with theirs.  

Bio: Zach Zollars:  I have been a fish enthusiast since I was 3.  My first fish experience was a carnival goldfish, named Harvey, and I have been hooked ever since. I always had an eye for bettas as they always had such beautiful colors and unique personalities. It wasn't long after I aquired one after the rousing success with Harvey.  Since then, I have been "hooked" on fish keeping and breeding them.  At the age of 17, I got the rare opportunity to work and help open an exotic petstore.  I got to work with sharks, stingrays, alligators, and many many unique/ rare fish.  I quickly became the manager of the aquatics department and then the store. It was here I realized that I had developed a knack for managing breeding projects (which was mainly guppies, coral frags, and other live bearers). It wasn't until a few years later I decided to try breeding bettas which was totally by accident when it happened. It happened on my birthday which was probably one of the best presents ever.  I have now been breeding bettas for over 5 years in a very tiny room.  I have met many other breeders overseas and have seen some amazing color morphs you won't find in stores. I am a member of the IBC and looking to compete in some shows in the coming years.  In fact, some people have bought my fish just to enter them in the shows and have even won some awards.    In the coming years, I am looking forward to a MUCH needed expansion when I move out and have more fish room space.