Greenwater Aquarist Society


More about our September 4, 2015 General Meeting Speakers

Speaker:  Craig Zender and Steve Erhlich

Title: Water Quality

Description: Greenwater Aquarist Society members Craig Zehnder and Steve Ehrlich will be giving a joint presentation on the importance of keeping excellent water quality and providing tips on how to do that, primarily with a discussion of filtration and...water changes!  How much water should you change and how often will be answered in this talk for beginner and advanced aquarists alike.

Craig Zehnder and Steve Erhlich are very active members in the Chicago Killifish Club.


Bio:  Craig has been keeping fish since his 5th Birthday. In High School he worked at Brookfield Pet Shop for Kenny and Barbara Schultz.  He helped Kenny pick fish for the shop and helped Ken set up a Salt-water display of 13 Tanks.  He also was a member of Edgewood Valley Aquarium Society.  Craig now has a fish room of about 20 tanks, he is a general aquarist  always looking for the next exciting fish to raise.  Craig also maintains and sells live food cultures.


Bio:  Steve has been keeping fish since he was a teenager, starting with monster fish, but now most of his tanks are dedicated to killifish.  Steve moved to Chicago from Los Angeles to work as an aquarist at the Shedd Aquarium, where he was in charge of the Rivers Gallery for four years.  If you would like to know how to make a spawning mop, he'll be glad to show you.