Greenwater Aquarist Society


Swap Vendor List for February 13, 2022 - Last Update 1/16/2022 @ 6:00pm
This list will update as we receive final vendor sign ups and descriptions.

Note to Vendors: Please check your contact info and item's advertised - Email any changes or updates.

Vendor Name
 Item's Advertised
John Hoernig
Aquarium Raised Fish, Plants, and Neo Shrimp. Available will be a variety of Fancy Guppies, Wild-type Livebearers, Swordtails, Corydoras, and a few other misc community fish. Plants will include floating/stem plants, valisneria, cryptocoryne, anubias, and some ground covers.
For pre-orders contact:
Steve List
Apistogramas, Guppies, African cichlids, plants Lot’s of cool fish
For pre-orders contact:
Bob Nesnidal
Fish foods (flake and pellet), LED lights, air pumps, heaters, various rock , wood and other things.    
For pre-orders contact:
Bob & Teresa Sturnfield
Guppies, Endlers, and other Livebearers. 
For pre-orders contact:

Hope to see you at the SWAP!