Fish Associations, Clubs, Exchanges, Societies, etc.

Compliments of Greenwater Aquarist Society

Sorry you can't make it to our club, maybe you can find one from the following list.

If your club is not on our list... please notify us on our contact us form and we will add your organization as soon as possible.


STATES IN OUR AREA   --  Greenwater Aquarist Society,  Frankfort, Illinois


Circle City Aquarium Club

Exclusively Killies

Fort Wayne Marine Aquarists Society

Illiana Garden Pond Society

Indiana Koi Water Garden Club

Indiana Marine Aquarium Society

Indy Cichlid Club

Michiana Aquarium Society

Northern Midwest ZNA

Northwest Indiana Marine Aquarium Club

Wasbash Valley Water Garden Society


Central Iowa Water Garden Association

Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association

Eastern Iowa Pond Society

Greater Iowa Reef Society

Iowa Aquaria Society

Northern Iowa Association of Pond & Water Gardeners

Quad City Fish Swap


Greater Louisville KOI & Goldfish Society

Kentucky Reef Society

Louisville Marine Aquarium Society

Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers

Owensboro Water Garden Society


Capital Area Koi & Water Gardening Club 

Grand Rapids Marine Aquarium Society

Grand Valley Aquarium Club 

Greater Detroit Aquarium Society 

Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan

Michigan Aquatic Plant Group 

Michigan Cichlid Association 

Michigan Guppy Breeders 

Michigan Killifish Association 

Michigan Pond & Koi Club 

Michigan Reefers 

Mid-Michigan Marine Club 

Monroe Fish & Reef Aquarium Guild 

Motor City Aquarium Society 

Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society 

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society


Greater Minnesota Reef Society

Minnesota Aquarium Society

Minnesota Killie Keepers Association

Minnesota Koi Club

Minnesota Water Garden Society

Northern Minnesota Reef Club

Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society


Gateway Guppy Associates

Heart of America Aquarium Society 

Missouri Aquarium Society 

Saint Joseph Area Water & Gardening Society 

Saint Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyist 

Saint Louis Water Gardening Society

Saltwater Enthusiast Association of Saint Louis

Saltwater Enthusiast Association of Springfield 

Springfield Water Garden Society

Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City


Central Ohio Reef Aquatics 

Chemical Valley Reef Community 

Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society 

Cleveland Aquarium Society 

Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiast's Association 

Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts

Great Lakes Cichlid Society 

Greater Akron Aquarium Society 

Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society 

Greater Cincinnati Water Garden Society 

Guppy Associates of Greater Cleveland 

Medina County Aquarium Society 

Miami Valley Water Garden Society

Northern Ohio Killifish Association 

Ohio Cichlid Association

Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts Society 

Toledo Reef Aquarium Club 

Western Ohio Reef Club 

Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society


Central Wisconsin Aquarium Society 

Green Bay Aquarium Society 

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue

La Crosse Area Reef Keepers 

Madison Aquarium Gardener's Club 

Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists 

Madison Area Reef Society

Milwaukee Aquarium Society 

Northern Wisconsin Reef Society 

Wassau Area Reef Society 

Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization 

Wisconsin Reef Society

Wisconsin Reefers Association

The Rest of the United States


Alabama Reefers

Central Alabama Koi and Water Garden Society

Gulf Coast Koi Society

Mobile Bay Reef Keepers

North Alabama Reef Club


Alaska Frag Swap


Arizona Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts

Arizona Betta H.E.A.D.S.

Arizona Rivulin Keepers

Desert Aquarium Society

Dry Wash Aquarium Society

Greater Phoenix Pond Society

Southern Arizona Koi Association

Tuscon Water Gardners

Valley of the Sun Koi Club


Keepers of the Reef

Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society

Razorback Reef Marine Aquarium Society


Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society

Bay Area Killifish Association

Bay Area Reefers

California Betta Society

California's Organization Aquatic Show Tropicals

Camellia Koi Club

Central California Koi Society

Central Valley Reefers

Davis Aquarium Society

Desert Fish Club

Fresno Koi Society

High Desert Koi Fanciers

Inland Empire Marine Aquarium Society

Inland Koi Society

Koi Club of San Diego

Marine Aquarists Roundtable of Sacramento

Mendocino Coast Koi and Water Garden Society

Nishiki Koi Club

North Coast Water Garden Club

Northern Valley Reefers

Pacific Coast Cichlid Association

Pan Pacific Guppy Association

Sacramento Aquarium Society

Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of the Bay Area

San Diego Killifish Group

San Diego Marine Aquarium Society

San Diego Tropical Fish Society

San Francisco Aquarium Society

San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society

San Francisco Bay Area Killifish Association

San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club

Santa Clara Valley Koi & Water Garden Club

Santa Clarita Koi

Shasta Koi & Water Garden Club

Silicon Valley Aquarium Society

Southern California Killi Club

Southern California Marine Aquarium Society

Southern California Water Garden Society

Ventura County Koi Society

Yuba Sutter Reef Society

Zen Nippon Airinkai (Northern CA Chapter)

Zen Nippon Airinkai (Southern CA Chapter)


Colorado Aquarium Society

Colorado Killi Club

Colorado Water Garden Society

Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado

Pikes Peak Water Garden Society

Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association

Rocky Mountain Koi Club

Southern Colorado Marine Aquarium Society


Astral Betta Society

Connecticut Area Reef Society

Connecticut Betta Club

Danbury Area Aquarium Society

Greater Hartford Aquarium Society

Northeast Livebearer Association

Norwalk Aquarium Society

Chesapeake Area Killifish Club


Delaware County Aquarium Society

Delaware Reef Club

Delaware Valley Aquatic Gardener's Association

Diamond State Aquarium Society

ZNA Potomac Koi Club


Brevard Area Reef Society

Coastal Aquarium Society

First Coast Koi Club

Florida East Coast Koi & Pond Club

Florida Fancy Guppy Association

Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Florida Panhandle Reefkeepers Society

Florida West Coast Guppy Club

Gainesville Koi Club

Gainesville Reef Club

Gold Coast Aquarium Society of South Florida

International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society

North Florida Koi Club

Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Orlando Area Koi and Pond Club

Orlando Reef Caretakers Association

Palm Beach Marine Aquarium Society

Rainbow River Koi Club

South Florida Reefers

Southwest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Suncoast Killifish Society

Sunshine State Guppy Group (SSGG)

Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

Tampa Bay Koi and Water Garden Club

Tampa Bay Reef Club

Tropical Koi Club

ZNA Southern Koi Association


Atlanta Area Aquarium Society

Atlanta Koi Club

Atlanta Reef Club

Atlanta Southeastern Marine Aquarium Society

Augusta Koi Club

Coastal Georgia Reef Club

International Professional Pond Companies Association

Macon Water Garden and Koi Club

Middle Georgia Koi Society


Aloha Betta Chapter

Big Island Aquarium Society

Big Island Water Garden Club

HFGA Hawaii Fancy Guppy Association

Hawaii Goldfish & Carp Association

Hawaii Tropical Fish Association

Honolulu Aquarium Society

West Hawaii Water Garden Society


American Fisheries Society: Idaho Chapter

Idaho Marine Aquarium Society

Idaho Water Garden & Koi Society

North Idaho Koi Keepers


Aquarium Society of Kansas/Heart of Aquarium

Kansas City Reef Association

Koi Club of Kansas

Salt City

Topeka Area Water Garden Society

Wichita Aquarium Club


Deep South Koi Society

Louisiana Reef Club

Southeast Louisiana Aquarium Society


Salt Water Addicts of Maine


Capital Cichlid Association

Chesapeake Area Killifish Organization

Chesapeake Guppy Club

Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society

Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association

Southern Maryland Marine Aquarium Society

Washington D.C. Marine Aquarium Society

ZNA Potomac Koi Club


Boston Aquarium Society

Boston Reefers Society

GENE - Guppy Enthusiasts of New England

New England Cichlid Association

New England Fancy Guppy Association

Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society

Pioneer Valley Water Garden and Koi Club

Southern New England Killifish Association

Worcester Aquarium Society


Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates

Gulf Coast Koi Society



Nebraska Marine Society

Nebraska Reef Club

St. Louis Water Gardening Society


Cyprinus Society of Nevada

Las Vegas Koi Club

Northern Nevada Pond Club

Sierra Koi Club

Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Aquarium Society

New Jersey

Jersey Shore Aquarium Society

Metropolitan Area Killifish Association

New Jersey Aquatic Gardener’s Club

New Jersey Reefer’s Club

North Jersey Aquarium Society

South Jersey Guppy Group

New Mexico

New York

Allegheny River Valley Aquarium Society

Brooklyn Aquarium Society

Central New York Aquarium Society

Danbury Area Aquarium Society

Genesee Valley Pond & Koi Club

Greater City Aquarium Society

Hudson Valley Reefkeepers

Koi & Water Garden Society of Central New York

Long Island Aquarium Society

Long Island Killifish Association

Long Island Reef Association

Manhattan Reefs

Nassau County Aquarium Society

Niagara Frontier Killifish Association

Tri-State ZNA Koi Club

Tropical Fish Club of Erie County

Upstate New York Killifish Association

Upstate Reef Society

North Carolina

Ashville Marine Aquarium Society

Carolina Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts

Charlotte Area Aquarist Society

Coastal Plains Reef Keepers

Mayberry Reef Club

North Carolina Aquarium Society

North Carolina Koi & Water Garden Society

Piedmont Koi & Watergarden Society

Raleigh Aquarium Society

Reef Aquarium Society of Charlotte

Unifour Pond Society

North Dakota


Central Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society

Green Country Water Garden Society

Oklahoma Aquarium Association

Oklahoma Aquarium Club

Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society

Stillwater Garden Society

Tulsa Koi Society - P.O. Box 580911. Tulsa, OK 74158

Water Garden Society of Oklahoma


Central Oregon Marine Aquarists

Greater Portland Aquarium Society

Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club

Oregon Koi and Water Garden Society

Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society


Aquarium Club of Lancaster County

Bucks County Aquarium Society

Chesapeake Area Killifish Association

Chesapeake Guppy Club

Delaware County Aquarium Society

Delaware Valley Aquatic Gardeners Association

Delaware Valley Water Garden Society

Erie Aquarium Society

Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society

Mid-Atlantic Koi Club

North Central Pennsylvania Aquarium Reef Society

Pittsburgh Area Killifish Association

Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society

Pittsburgh Marine Aquarium Society Inc

Rhode Island

Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society

Rhode Island & Massachusetts Koi Club

Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island

South Carolina

Charleston Reefers Club

Charleston Showa Koi Club

Columbia Marine Aquarium Club

Mid-Columbia Saltwater Aquarium Club

Myrtle Beach Aquarium Club

South Carolina Aquaria Society

South Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society

South Dakota

American Fisheries Society (Dakota Chapter)

Sioux Falls Area Aquarium Society

South Dakota Marine Society


East Tennessee Reef Club

Jackson Area Reef Club

Koi Club of Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Reef Club

Montgomery County Water Garden Society

Music City Aquarium Association

Nashville Pond Society

North Tennessee Reef Club

West Tennessee Marine and Reef Aquarium Club

West Tennessee Pond and Koi Club


Amarillo Pond Society

Austin Pond Society

Austin Reef Club

Betta Habari

Dallas Koi Kichi Group

Dallas Marine Aquarium Society

Ft. Worth Aquatic Plant Club

Ft. Worth Killifish Organization

Ft. Worth Marine Aquarium Society

Greater Houston Aquarium Club

Heart of Texas Betta Club

Hill Country Cichlid Club

Houston Aquarium Society

Houston Pond Society

Koi and Water Garden Club of North Texas

Las Pampas Koi and Water Garden Society

Lone Star Koi Club

Lubbock Reef Club

Marine Aquarists Association of South Texas

Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston

Moto-Kara Koikai ZNA Chapter Koi Club

North Texas Water Garden Society

San Angelo Pond Society

Southeast Texas Reef Society

Southwest Koi and Pond Association

STARS Southwest Tank and Reef Society

Texas Area Killifish Organization

Texas Association of Pond Societies

Texas Cichlid Association

Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society

Water Garden Club of South Texas


Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah

Nature Aquarium Club of Utah

Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates

Salt Lake Koi Club

Utah Fancy Guppy Associates

Utah Marine Aquarium Society

Utah Water Garden Club

Watsatch Marine Aquarium Society


Black River Aquarium Society

Otter Valley Aquarium Society

Tropical Fish Club of Burlington

Vermont Marine Aquarists


Central Virginia Aquarium Society

Hampton Roads Reef Club

Potomac Area Goldfish Enthusiasts

Potomac Valley Aquarium Society

ZNA Potomac Koi Club


Bellingham Aquarium Society

Boeing Employee Tropical Aquarium Society 

Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Inland Empire Water Garden and Koi Society

Mid Columbia Koi and Pond Club

Northwest Killies

Olympic Koi, Goldfish, and Water Garden Club

Puget Sound Aquarium Society

Puget Sound Killifish Association

Spokane Coeur d Alene Reef Society

Spokane Reef Society

Upper West Coast Killi Keepers

Washington Koi and Water Garden Society

Yakima Valley Aquarium Club

West Virginia

Mountaineer Koi & Water Garden Society


U.S. Territories